About ACCLER Health, Inc.

Hi, I’m Claudia Russell, LCSW, and I love what I do! I love to make a difference. And I love to see both the quick, short-term changes and the long-term permanent changes that counseling provides. What could be more rewarding!

I’ve been a professional counselor for over 10 years. I obtained my Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University and have worked for years in mental health, addiction, homelessness, schools, hospice and medical settings; serving children, adults, seniors and families.

A large part of my success can be traced to the fact that I continue to improve my professional skills, balance my life through a daily meditation practice and volunteer my time helping others to learn how to meditate. By using a heart-centered approach in my practice clients quickly feel at ease, supported and gain a clear sense that I deeply care about them. Their success, is my success. I thrive on seeing my clients find their way again.

Gracefully embracing change!

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